Who to contact when you are in distress

You are more than welcome to attend one of our groups and talk about your distress including thoughts of suicide, without any fear of police or emergency interventions.

If you feel you need help straight away there are a variety of phone, text, or online chat support services you can contact with staff and/or volunteers who are trained to help.

Please note Alternatives to Suicide are not affiliated with any of these organisations, and their views and mechanisms of support may not align with Alternatives to Suicide values. For example, they may call 000 if they deem you to be at “immediate risk” of suicide.

Check whether there is an Alt2Su support group you can attend.

For many of us in the Alt2Su community, knowing there is a support group to attend each week has often been enough to get us through our most difficult times. We warmly welcome you to come along to our groups.

Our peer-led groups are a space for people 18+ years old with personal experiences of suicidal thoughts or actions.

Our groups are non-clinical spaces; there are no pre-requisites to participation such as current contact with ‘mental health’ services. There is no presumption that you have ‘mental health’ condition.

You don’t need to contact us before you attend, but you are welcome to Contact Us. Just find a group, and come along. We look forward to seeing you.

DISCHARGED, a partner organisation in Western Australia has a great explainer on What to expect when attending an Alternatives to Suicide zoom or in-person group.